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discipline. the cuts will be necessary. >> jon: mr. obama unveils his budget to mixed reaction. he wants to spend more on education, energy and innovation, but his plan gets a failing grade to republicans who see a need for big and deep cuts. and guess which plan the press likes. >> the wisconsin's budget cuts go national and democratic lawmakers go missing when it's time to take votes. has the media taken sides here, too. the so-called facebook revolution grows beyond egypt to include other gulf nations and the media plays a part in reporting the eat. are we geg the whole story. >> what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm not running. apparently i have to commit suicide. >> new jersey chris chris getting more media attention for him to make a run for president. are they pushing too hard. >> i do work for the president, but i'm also here to help the press understand what we're doing. >> jon: once a journalist, now the president's pitchman. jay carney takes over the press room podium. what can we expect from this guy, has the media called for the end of humanity when a
you, everybody. >> well, that was, of course, president obama giving a press conference on the budget with some of the conversation about what's happening in the middle east. i'm joined right now by savannah guthrie, nbc news white house correspondent. also, david corn of david jones, and of course, andrea mitchell of the "andrea mitchell reports" which is coming up at 1:00. she's, of course, nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent. let's all go, first of all, savannah, if this were high school or even middle school, i think the president was saying, darers go first. you want entitlements, either i cut them or you cut them. >> he's saying, meet me at the table. i think when you the take a step back and look at what they were trying to accomplish here, the message seemed to be, patience, everybody. this is a two-step process. this budget gets the current spending under control. we'll attack the larger issues, the elephant in the room, as we talked about, the entitlements at some later time. but everything he did seemed to be geared toward this audience of independence, harkening back
obama presented congress with his budget for fiscal year 2012, the focus in washington shifts this morning to more immediate spending needs. later today the house will open debate on legislation that would fund government activities through the rest of this fiscal year and cut more than 60 billion from current spending. as for the president's proposed $3.7 trillion plan, it lays out a path to cut the deficit by more than $1 trillion over the next decade. largest cuts come in mandatory spending including social programs, defense spending, discretionary spending and interest on debt. the president says his plan contains tough choices and fis commission concluded, the only way to truly tackle our deficit is to cut excessive spending wherever we find it, in domestic spending, defense spending, health care spending, and spending through tax breaks and loopholes. so what we've done here is make a down payment, but there's going to be more work that needs to be done and it will require democrats and republicans coming together to make it happen. >> the president says this is just th
house put out its budget for 2012, president obama trying to prove the best defense is a good offense. the president holding a news conference to defend his $3.7 trillion plan in the wake of very bad first day reviews. >> we owe the american people a government that lives within its means while still investing in our future in areas like education, innovation and infrastructure that will help us attract new jobs and businesses to our shores. >> republicans with a very different read of his proposal. >> the republicans will not punt. everything is on the table. and we will put forward a budget that deals with the big challenges that face our country. >> the gop accusing the president of putting, punting on the biggest drivers of spending. entitle meths like social security, medicare and medicaid. listen how speaker boehner responded. >> i'll let the budget committee do their work but i have no doubts that all of these issues will be on the table. >> was that speaker boehner punting or is that just a handoff? the truth is that neither side has yet put out a plan that tracks our long run
expires march 4. republicans want to cut $61 billion from the budget. president obama says that he will veto those cuts. if no agreement is reached shortly, the government could shut down for the first time since 1995. >>> metro funding is still a source of frustration for lawmakers fighting over money. that could mean a setback for passenger safety. >> brianne carter is live in arlington with the latest money crunch facing metro. >> good morning. another financial fight on capitol hill. this is all about a plan congress is working on to fund the government for fiscal year 2011. it does not currently include $150 million that metro was promised to improve safety. the republican bill currently does not include that. democrat gerry connolly has a measure that would restore that money back into its. that was killed tuesday night. metro says this money is absolutely vital to the agency's work to rebuild the 30- year-old system and restore reliable service. a number of passengers feel the money is long overdue, that metro is already underfunded. they believe this would make this a impro
for a battle over president obama's 2012 budget proposal. administration says the plan freezes government spending and cut the deficit over the next 10 years. republicans say it does not go far enough. the d.c. region was para from the most painful parts of the spending plan, but nothing is safe yet. >> brianne carter is looking at the impact here. >> good morning. president's proposed a budget for 2012 as good news for d.c. the budget continues funding for a program that allows d.c. students to pay in-state tuition at hundreds of universities across the country and maintain funding to city, public, and charter schools, reinforcing education as a priority of this administration. under the blueprint, the smithsonian institution would get a $100 million increase to build a black history museum. bikes salaries and facilities would that's a little of a slashing, which will cause changes. however, with the budget battle under way on capitol hill, it's not likely everything in the proposal will remain. the republican's proposed spending resolution could mean deep cuts in the district. the gop p
to tarnish the iranian nation's brilliance. at his news conference yesterday president obama slammed iranian lead who are are now blaming the west for the uprising. >> i find it ironic you've got the iranian regime pretending to celebrate what happened in egypt when, in fact, they have acted in direct contrast to what happened in egypt by gunning down and beating people who are trying to express themselves peacefully in iran. >> for the first time the unrest has now spread to libya where hundreds of protesters have take tone the streets there today to demand the government's ouster. the rioting is rare for libya which has been tightly controlled by moammar gad hoff fi. protesters in buy rain are holding their ground today in an egypt style of landmark square, the third day of demonstrations in one of washington's most strategic allies in the gulf. >> at george washington university secretary of state hillary clinton responded for them not doing to more. >> while the rights we seek to protect and support are clear, the various ways these rights are violated are increasingly complex. there is
possible resident >> welcome back. it's 5:24 let's make it. the obama administration may not be in such a hurry to close the prison at quantanamo bay after all. congressman leon penetta said that get moe is probably where osama bin laden and other senior al-queda leaders would be taken if they're captured alive. this is the first acknowledgement that the controversial prison might be used to hold future detainees. other officials added the president is committed to closing the prison and the long-time critic called the statements very disturbing. >> the father of the so-called american taliban john walker lynn continues to strongly defend his son. franklin spoke to law students yesterday. he said his son was wrongly branded as a terrorist by the u.s. government and as a trader by the american media. lynch says the military and bush administration botched his son's case from the movement he was captured in afghanistan in late 2001. >> the honorable thing for this -- the smart thing for the government of the united states to do when they find a kid who's fluent in arabic wh
well under president obama's 2012 but budget. dc would receive $149 million, under the plan. metro would receive $150 million for upgrades. but republicans want to cut money for d.c. and metro. coming up, more on what the budget means for the d.c. area and the rest of the nation. >>> nays are 144, the bill is passed. >> the house passed a bill to extend provisions of the patriot act another 10 months. allow the government to use roving wiretaps and access records relative to but terrorism investigation. that legislation now moves to the senate. >>> egyptian military leaders want to end the disruptive protests in the wake of the revolution. but the spirit of that revolution is spreading. protesters took to the streets in iran, bahrain, yemen, and algeria. police have mobilized to quell those demonstrations. >>> google tries to keep up with computer hackers. fedex shares may take a hit in today's trading. >> linda bell joins us from new york with details on this. >> good morning. as the washington area is thawing out from the winter freeze, those affected are fedex and others. if the
the why behind this and why the congressional caucus and black caucus are upset about president obama's budget proposals as they stand today. >>> now want to turn to this. a massive sex scandal involving italian prime minister silvio berlusconi is taking a major legal step forward. a judge has ordered berlusconi to stand fliel what could be a quick prosecution with no tribunal or preliminary hearings. nbc's peter alexander is following the story live in london. peter? >> reporter: hey, richard, good morning to you. so all this stems from allegations that berlusconi paid for sex with a 17-year-old nightclub dancer and then tried to cover it up. the italian prime minister who, by the way, is 74, has denied doing anything wrong. he calls the charges disgusting and disgraceful. be very clear, today's indictment is the worst of three possible outcomes for berlusconi. really does, as you note, speed up this entire process. a trial is already set for april 6. consider that, just 50 days away. and a panel will consist of three female judges hearing this case. prosecutors allege that berluscon
. >>> president obama will hold a news conferences at 11:00 a.m. eastern. you can see is here on cnn and likely talk about his 2012 budget unveiled yesterday and cut into many programs but with the aim of getting us at least to hack about a trillion dollars off the budget. >>> this morning, we are talking about your wallet and your world. we are following two major stories. prices are rising. food, clothing and appliances, just about everything you buy is about to cost more. then more protests ripple across the arab world. more violence erupts. two of the targeted regimes are u.s. allies. a third a u.s. foe and all could have a direct bearing on the united states. >>> we begin this hour with developing news just minutes ago, the white house announced that president obama will hold a morning news conference and comes one day after releasing his proposed budget and amid rises tide and protests and violence sweeping through the arab world. we have a preview with cnn's indicate bolduan at the white house. >> we did find out a short time ago that the president will be holding a press conference at 1
>>> good day. i'm contessa brewer. the big story we're watching now, president obama grabbing the reins in the budget battle and driving republicans in a corner they may not like being in. >> it's a budget presents a detailed, multiyear, comprehensive plan to cut spending and reduce deficits. >> in the senate this morning, treasury secretary tim geithner lays out the president's 2012 budget for the finance committee. >> we have protected programs that support military people, readiness, and modernization. >> in the house today, the defense secretary at the armed services committee weighs in on what will be a tug-of-war over how much money the pentagon gets. >>> all over capitol hill -- general anxiety about spending cuts and the political consequences. the president called republicans' budget bluff with his big proposal to slash spending. >> it will mean freezing salaries of hard-working federal employees for the next two years. >> that preemptive move forces republicans to take an even stricter stand if they want to appear to be spending hawks. >> the federal government has a
protesters have been killed. yesterday, president obama criticized the iranian government. >> what has been true in egypt should be true in iran, which is that people should be able to express their opinions and their grievances, and seek a more responsive government. what's been different is the iranian government's response. which is to shoot people and beat people and arrest people. >> the iranian government had said it supports the uprisings in tunisia and egypt. >>> now to some disturbing news about one of our colleagues. cbs news chief foreign correspondent lara logan is recovering from a brutal attack she suffered while covering events in egypt. this is logan in cairo's tahrir square on friday night just before the assault. logan was separated from her crew, and security, in the crush of the mob that surrounded them. in a statement cbs news said she suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault, and beating. logan was saved by a group of women, and egyptian soldiers. she has returned to the u.s., and is recovering in a hospital. >>> this morning, the pakistani government says a u.s.
to the navy's 5th fleet. >>> president obama and congressional republicans are lining up for a collision over spending. with a government shutdown looming in just over two weeks now. in the house yesterday, republicans advanced a $61 billion spending plan that would finance the government through september. president obama, though, threatened to veto, just hours after calling for some budgetary cooperation. >> this is a matter of everybody having a serious conversation about where we want to go. and then, ultimately, getting in that boat at the same time, so it doesn't tip over. >> i've been inviting the president to have that conversation since we took office two years ago. >> work on that bill moving through the house should be done by friday. but its future is anything but certain in the democratically-controlled senate. >>> your household budget could be facing cutbacks, too. prices for everything from sugar to shoes could be on the rise. and the reasons begin thousands of miles away. emily schmidt is now joining us from washington with more details. good morning, emily. >> reporter: vini
of the damage done. >> bay area tech leaders are getting set to welcome president obama tonight to the bay area. they're having dinner with him as part of his plan to spotlight education and innovation. jenelle wang is live in the news room with more, including some of the big names who will be breaking bread with the president. jeannette? >> just to let you know, i am not one of those people this is is a quick trip for president obama. he will fly in to attend an intimate dinner at a private location with bay area hi-tech executives. the white house has not released the official guest list yet but there are reports they include mark zuckerberg and google's ceo eric schmidt. these are many of the same executives that met with president obama in washington back in december to discuss job creation. this trip will also be focusing on jobs as well as innovation and education. it's not a fund-raising trip like many of his previous visits. has last visit in october included a $30,000 a head political fund-raiser at the home of google's vice president. this is the president's 8th official visit to cal
from the budget, president obama threatening a veto of that idea saying he will overrule any cuts he finds disruptive. $14 trillion in red ink. who blinks first? you'll hear both sides today in "america's newsroom". >>> in the meantime, the riots are spreading in parts of the middle east, antigovernment protests now popping up in yemen, iran, libya, and bahrain, moments ago in bahrain, watch and listen to this: >> [explosions] >> bill: as you can see and hear from the gunfire, those protests taking a deadly turn. good morning, everybody. we will continue to monitor this out of bahrain out of parts of the middle east. i'm bill hemmer. well -- welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: busy day, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. one person shot dead, several others seriously wounded in that country's capitol and this is the scene in iran: >> progovernment demonstrations taking place, the hard line regime threatening to kill any opposition protestors or leaders. they want them executed, despite the warning, thousands of people continue to fill the streets in tehran. >> gunfir
a political position that the parties have taken and yesterday, barack obama was talking to a local affiliate, channel 9 somewhere where he took a political position regarding some of the entitlements. he said social security, we have to tweak a little bit, but basically, we can finance that well into the future. the big drivers of deficit and debt are medicare and medicaid, rising health care costs so the president's political position is for people who are on social security and fixed income, don't worry. your president is not going to touch it. if anybody touches it and if anybody tries to fix it essentially that's what the republicans would say. >> that goes into his whole main plattform of his biggest piece of legislation which is health care. >> you have to fix social security. >> right. but what he's doing is he's -- he's only thinking about getting re-elected, many say, so what he's doing is he's saying i'm going to save you a bunch of money because of the health care initiative that i passed. that's why he's focusing on medicaid and medicare. >> for the first time in decades, we're
's the obama budget and the political battle of the year this morning jack lou, the president's budget director, defends the proposal. plus the egypt effect is sparking new violence in iran as thousands of protesters hit the streets. >>> this morning italian prime minister has been ordered to stand trial for trying to cover up a lurid sex scandal. it's tuesday, february 15th, 2011. i'm chuck todd. all sex scandals are lurid. >> if not, what's the point? good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. we'll get to the rundown and we'll start with breaking news president obama has scheduled a news conference for late this morning. he'll be talking about the budget among other things. >> we're expecting him to come out at 11:00 to defend his plan in person 24 hours after he released it. atheena, there was no press briefing scheduled today. that should have been the first tip, right? >> it should have been a sign. we heard administration officials say yesterday that it really was just the opening bid. a long fight ahead. a debate about the size and scope of the government. the classic debate really b
obama awarded the medal of freedom to 15 people including gene kennedy smith, sam musial, yo yo ma and former president george h.w. bush. >> with the steady diplomatic hand of president bush that made impossible an achievement once thought impossible. ending the cold war without firing a shot. >> the medal of freedom is the nation's highest for a civilian. mr. bush cited over 70 years of public service. that's one of the things he talked about, he started that service in world war ii. those are your headlines. >> congratulations to everybody. >> congressional lawmakers breaking out the red pens this morning proposing major changes to the president's new budget proposal. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest. peter? >> brian, that's right. even though congress is still trying to figure out how to fund the government for the rest of 2011, president obama has sent his man from the white house office of management and budget, jack lew over to capitol hill to defend his suggested budget for 2012 and that's a perfecty tall order because so many in congress especially the ne
president obama will meet with house democratic leaders to discuss the budget and figure out more ways to reduce the federal deficit. meanwhile the president scored a big win with the budget as the house voted to kill funding for a jet engine the pentagon says it doesn't need. the house stripped funding for an alternative engine for the f-35 fighter jet and moved that defense secretary rob gert gates says could save $3 billion. the plant developing the engine is in ohio near house speaker john boehner's district. >>> also today, president obama's status will read excited to meet with zuckerberg today. the president is flying out to san francisco to meet facebook founder mark zuckerberg and other technology business leaders. the west coast trip is all about creating jobs and improving education on high tech jobs. the white house says the meeting is part of the president's plan to improve his relationship with the business community. >>> 5:04. a grand jury is preparing to look in to sex abuse allegations against redskins line man albert haynesworth. his attorney meanwhile is fighting bac
't know. i don't know. we'll see. >> palin then slammed president obama's budget, which she says does little to reduce the deficit. >> i think that's an overstatement to say we are making a dent in the national debt and in this practice of deficit spending, because it's not really even a dent. i mean, maybe a littthumb print positively affecting what we need done with the deficit, and the debt. not nearly enough. his spending plan does add to the debt and does allow for the next ten years, still, deficit spending. that is the wrong road to be on. that will not cure economic ilz in our country. >> all right. she alsopraised cuomo. she criticized questions of obama's -- oh, no. citizenship, and she called it a distraction. >> good for her. >> there is still -- into his third year as president, there are still some people out there still questioning president obama's faith and citizenship. do you question his faith and citizenship? >> i don't, and those are distractions. what we're concerned about the economy and the policies coming out of his administration. >> all right. i found someth
obama's budget and introduce a plan of their own. >>> and man versus machine. a super computer takes on the best of the best on jeopardy. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 15th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 15th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. we begin with the protests sweeping across the middle east triggered by the revolt in egypt. this morning there is a security clamp down in iran. anti-government demonstrators and police battled through the night. tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets monday flooding central tehran. police say at least one was killed and dozens injured. iran security forces cut phone lines and blockaded the homes of opposition leaders. mark phillips has more. >> reporter: with the media lock down, the only glimpse came by cell phone video. the crowds were big, they were angry and emboldened by events in egypt and it shows the regime intent on putting them down. at one point protesters start to deface a poster of the supreme leader when a governmen
obama stepped up the pressure on pakistan to release raymond davis, he's an american diplomat who's been jailed since he sot and killed two pakistani men in january. as david martin reports, the case has strain it had relationship between two partners in the war on terror. >> reporter: facing a possible death sentence, raymond davis has been catapulted catapult frn obscure job at the american embassy in pakistan to the center of a diplomatic meltdown with a critical ally. now the president has been dragged in. >> if our diplomats are in another country, then they are not subject to that country's local prosecution. >> reporter: davis is protected by a long-standing treaty which grants diplomats in foreign countries immunity from local laws. but he has been held in a pakistani jail for nearly three weeks since gunning down two men who apparently tried to rop him. the u.s. says it was self-defense. a local police call it cold-blooded murder and outraged pakistanis want davis hanged. >> it doesn't matter whether he was a diplomat or not. a murder is a murder and a murderer is a murderer. >>
, a third of president obama. and when the therapist picked up one of the cards, gabby giffords said, george bush. doctors told us it's a sign not only of speech recovery but also of cognitive recovery. >> cognitive recovery and speech recovery are two separate processes. someone may be able to speak, but the inability to think clearly may become more evident because now the person is speaking, but the person may not make sense. >> reporter: but in gabby giffords' case, she is making sense, a few words at a time. even speaking to her brother-in-law in space telling him, hi, i'm good. and her office said the congresswoman continues to be briefed just as she'd always been. all last week on egypt. convinced that while she can't speak in full sentences, she can understand what's being said. and her mother is he can stamic. "the new york times" reporting in an e-mail sent by giffords' mother about gabby winning a game of tic-tac-toe against one of the nurses adding that she's gone from being kind of a limp noodle to someone that is alert and sits up straight with good postures. music, the newest
: president obama's budget director jack lew left the nation with a surplus. >> i came back ten years later to look at projectionses over $10 trillion over the next ten years. it's enough to break your heart. >> reporter: the national deficit in 2011 and suspected to reach an all-time high of $1.65 trillion. the president's budget would increase spending on research and development, education and transportation. republicans say those are all nonstarters. ron and vinita? >>> america's fighting forces may not be immune to the need for budget cutbacks. the defense secretary says he wants enough money to maintain 9 #,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. that is despite the obama administration's insistence that it will begin to gradually withdraw force this is july. the 2012 budget requests includes about $118 billion for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >>> the house has voted to extend three key provision of the patriot act set to expire at the end of the month. the post-9/11 counterterrorism powers include roving wiretapping and seizing business records, plus intelligence surveillance on suspect
. >>> today president obama fired back at critics who say his proposed budget for 2012 does not do enough to reduce the deficit fmplts he said the spending plan would stop running up the charges on our national credit card. and it could pave the way to a bipartisan deal to cut entitlements, such as medicare. steve handelsman has the lacest. >> reporter: buffetted by a storm of criticism, president obama defended his new plan to cut the deficit. >> we're not going to be running up the credit card anymore. that's important. and that's hard to do. >> reporter: he admits he would use a scalpel, not a machete, to cut some discretionary programs. the spending in green, not the big wedge in yellow, entitlements, social security and especially medicare and medicaid, all headed deep into the red. the president's own deficit commission demanded entitlements be cut immediately. the "washington post" calls the obama approach a punt, essentially giving up. house speaker john boehner demanded entitlement cuts this year. >> republicans will not punt. everything's on the table. >> reporter: president oba
is about to begin. president obama is brand new spending blueprint tackles the biggest deficit -- president spendingbrand-new spendin blueprint that was the biggest deficit ever -- tackles the biggest deficit ever. >> he vowed to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. he claims is but it will do that. it is being called "shared sacrifice." many people are having a heated debate here on the hill. just hours after his proposed budget was unveiled, president obama stood before a group of baltimore students outlining his priorities, including the need for more spending on education. >> education is an investment that we need to win the future. $3.70e president's trillion budget also called for cuts that the white house says will be painful. the cuts include $100 million to the programmed program, $2.5 billion slashed from home heating assistance, as well as tax increases for incomes higher than $200,000. >> we have to get serious on the things that would be nice to have, but we can do without, which is what families across the country do every day. they live within their means an
recovering from her attack in cairo. president obama called her to express his concerns yesterday. a source close to logan says she has already vowed that she will return to reporting. >>> this morning a grand jury is preparing to look into sex abuse allegations against albert haynesworth. his attorney is fighting back against the claims that he acted inappropriately at the rooftop bar at the w hotel. tracee wilkins has the latest. >> reporter: this is all happening very quickly considering that the incident happened just last sunday and this jury is expected to convene tomorrow. this is proof that d.c. prosecutors are quickly getting their case together and as to is haynesworth's attorney. d.c. prosecutors are subpoenaing witnesses who will tell a grand jury on bring what they say happen on the rooftop of the bar here at the w hoe it tell this past sunday. according to a police report, a waitress who works in the bar is alleging that haynesworth began it came recent her breasts while tucking his credit card into her blouse. police are calling it sexual abuse. haynesworth's attorney a. scot
in new jersey, and it goes to the issue of president obama talks about being in the bubble and so much of politics is whether or not you've got your finger on where the people are, you know, and he seems to have his finger on where the people are, steve. >> i completely agree with you. one of the reasons that he is able to do that is because he's out with the people. he's doing town halls all the time, he's talking to people, he's answering his critics in a direct and forth right way that explains his position to them in a way that i think most people will find appealing. when he's talking to firefighters who are booing him, he says i understand your concern, but people have been lying to you for 20 years. i'm the guy who's coming here to tell you the truth. so your anger at me is misplaced. martha: now, here's the fascinating thing to me. a lot of people are arguing this is chris christie's moment, that the situation in this country is right for someone like him and they want him to run. here's what he said when he was asked about that: >> there are lots of people who will run just be
to help you in any way. >> do news now. >>> president obama will meet with senate democratic leadership to discuss his 2012 budget proposal. yesterday, the president denied that he is ignoring the view of his own deficit commission which said entitlement programs must be slashed. >> the notion that it's been shelved is incorrect. it still provides a framework for a conversation. i mean, part of the challenge here is this town, let's face it, you guys are pretty impatient. if something doesn't happen today, then the assumption is it's just not going to happen. right? i've had this conversation for the last two years about every single issue that we've worked on. >> dr. sachs, even the chairman of his deficit commission said he ignored the deficit commission. erskine bowles. >> again, i think there are a few big things here. social security, first of all. that's not the big deal in the deficit. when it comes to, quote, unquote entitlements, it's the health care costs that are the big issue. >> medicare, medicaid. >> we have the most expensive health care system in the world because of the
director jacob lew will testify at a house hearing just a day after obama unveiled a $3.7 trillion proposal. >> even as we cut out things that we can afford to do without, we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impacts in our future. >> reporter: the president's plan calls for investments in areas like education and research, but also aims to slash $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. spending cuts would affect programs from urban development grants to heating assistance for low income families. >> this does more spending, more taxing, more borrowing. >> reporter: the proposal immediately drew criticism from both parties. >> you don't take a meat ax to this economy and cut things just for the sake of telling the american people you met a certain number. >> reporter: while the battle over next year's budget is just beginning, the fight over the current one is still far from over. today the house begins debate on a controversial bill to cut spending. republicans are fighting to save $61 billion from this year's budget to fund the government
obama submitted a $3.7 trillion budget for fiscal year 2012. it shrinks some government programs while increasing spending on others. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we talk to white house budget director jack lew and ohio republican senator rob portman about cuts, taxes, and the political battles ahead. >> ifill: then, margaret warner, just back from cairo, helps us look at the role social media and mainstream media played in the egypt uprising. >> brown: and we report on a battle that pits human champions against a machine. our science correspondent took the challenge. >> i'm miles o'brien. i just played jeopardy against a very smart computer. it was great for the computer. i'll tell you about artificial intelligence and the pursuit of language understanding. for machines. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: breathe in. breathe out. as volatile as markets have been lately having the security of a strong financial partner certainly lets you breathe easier. for more than 140 years, pacific
station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: president obama kicked off what is shaping up to be a pitched battle over the budget today. but emboldened republicans are kicking back. ray suarez begins our coverage. >> suarez: the president's annual budget blueprint arrived on capitol hill this morning. the price tag: $3.73 trillion. and a record $1.6 trillion deficit, the highest dollar amount ever. mr. obama touted his plan today at a school outside baltimore. >> the only way to truly tackle our deficit is to cut excessive spending wherever we find it. in domestic spending, defense spending, health care spending and spending through tax breaks and loopholes. so what we've done here is make a downpayment, but there's going to be more work that needs to be done. >> suarez: under the proposed budget the deficit would drop to under $1.1 trillion next year with some dramatic cuts. among the items on the chopping block, some programs popular with democrats including community development block grants which help fund low-income housing and anti-poverty programs. they'd be cut by $
it was down a moment ago. the nasdaq is down 14. the s&p 500 down 5. >>> president obama will be in the bay area thursday evening to meet with high-tech business leaders. so far the white house has only said the president will talk with business leaders in a session that will stress jobs, innovation and green technology and education. no specific information has been released on where the meeting will be held. the president is expected to stay overnight in the bay area before heading to oregon on friday. the economic recovery is alive and well. but the crisis is not over for the public sector. pam cook joins us from the newsroom with the newest silicon valley index report. >>> good morning. this new report shows a pretty healthy prebound for -- which added 12,000 jobs in the silicon valley. it also showed the region is struggling from government jobs and social programs. the jobs are driven to technology. facebook is growing so fast as we've been reporting, it plans to increase its work force by 50% a year. and they are moving its headquarters to a bigger facility in menlo park to accommoda
they will no longer defend a key part of the defensive marriage act on direct orders from president obama. in 1996, the 1996 law says no state needs to recognize same-sex marriages permitted or recognized elsewhere. in the case of the federal government, it defines marriage as the legal union of one man and one woman. now justice traditionally defending federal laws against challenges even if the current administration doesn't support the legislation. this is significant. we have our senior legal analyst on the line to give us a little bit insight here. jeffrey, as i understand it, what the attorney general said and what the president commented on were just these two cases that they had a time line about. not the entire doma act. >> reporter: that's right, but the legal position that the obama administration is now taking is that any sort of legal discrimination against gay people is now -- should now be treated the same way the discrimination against racial minorities, against women should be treated. that's a very big change in the law. the supreme court has never said that. there's no guarantee
. there was a nugget buried in the budget which i don't think a lot of people paid attention to. the obama administration itself, did you see this on the jobless number? they're projecting years out what joblessness is going to be. in 2012, which is the next time that will matter, 8.6%. so to the extent that you thought -- and we've talked about trying to get that number down to 8%. that's a magic number for him. the fact that the administration is actually suggesting that they'll be at 8.6%, it's going to be harder for them to make this argument even after all the quiet conversation unless that number gets to be in a better place. >> right now, the president -- unemployment is at 9%. >> hovering at 9%. real unemployment, much higher. >> the president is at 51%, the latest fox poll of likely voters. it's hard to say. willie, they're rational in the fact that -- we should -- we should have better leadership than we have in washington. we talk about it here every day. but they're no different from business people who know if they do certain things they could risk losing their jobs. all i'm s
at the request of democrats. >>> president obama coming to the bay area this week to sell his new budget. barack obama scheduled to meet thursday evening with tech industry leaders and then spend the night here. the "mercury news" reports it will be a private meeting to talk about the budget plan which includes money for research, development, education and clean energy. >>> congress begins hearings this morning on the president's new $3.7 trillion budget plan. the white house says the proposal would cut a trillion dollars from the deficit over the next decade. some democrats say the budget makes too many cuts though. some republicans say the cuts aren't deep enough. >>> time now 6:06. egypt is asking for international aid to help repair the economic damage from days of protests that ousted president hosni mubarak. a statement posted on the foreign ministry's website says america, great britain and saudi arabia have already offered support. meanwhile, a member of the committee appointed by egypt's ruling military to amend the constitution says radical changes are not planned and that restriction
. frank? >> christin ayers live in martinez, thank you. >>> tonight president obama will be meeting with some of the silicon valley's top tech executives. the dinner meeting will be at a private home in san francisco. the group is expected to discuss the president's tech agenda as well as jobs, education and innovation. it's all part of the president's effort to reach out to the business community. now, the white house has not yet released the guest list but it's said to include facebook ceo mark zuckerberg as well as executives from valley giants like cisco systems, intel and google. >>> the bay bridge construction project appears to be running ahead of schedule. let's go to anne makovec. she is near the bay bridge this morning to tell us what changes drivers can expect. anne, good morning. we are getting used to changes these days. >> reporter: yes. that's right. well, number one, it's very rainy out here so we are prepared for that. but if you have driven across the bay bridge recently you probably noticed all of the progress that they have been making on the construction. here's
," a secret record was ordered by president obama last summer of the potential 81 rest in the arab world. it was called "presidential study directive." the report shows a number of countries, specifically, egypt that could seek political reform. and it sought for proposals to push countries for reform. >>> schools across the state of wisconsin will be closed today as thousands and others will walk off the job to protest in the state capital. 40% of state teachers called off sick yesterday. a lot of kids boycotted classes in a show of sympathy. as 10,000 protesters demonstrated in the staete capital. and president obama has called it an assault on unions. it's something teachers say they have to nip in the bud. >> i agonized over it. i don't think there's a single teacher that can stand down here and say i loved calling in sick today. however, this bullying needs to be taken care of. and this bullying needs to be shown what it is that's important to the citizens of wisconsin. >> there's got to be fairness and taxpayers who foot the bill for all of us. >> again, the governor's position on
attacked friday while covering the revolt in egypt. on wednesday she received a call from president obama, who expressed his concern. >>> cbs news has obtained exclusive pictures that are believed to have captured hosni mubarak's final moments in cairo last friday. they show a convoy of cars driving up to a presidential helicopter 90 minutes before it was announced he was stepping down as president of egypt. the figure was seen waving, and that's believed to be mubarak. now it's also believed that the chopper is carrying his family out of cairo to the egyptian resort city of sharm el sheikh. >>> also in to tell you about today in northern africa, anti-government protesters in libya are calling for a day of rage. libyan police clashed with protesters yesterday. plans for today's demonstrations were posted on social websites. demonstrators are demanding social reforms and political freedom. >>> here at home, lawmakers in wisconsin are scheduled to vote on one of the nation's most aggressive anti-union proposals. affecting thousands of state employees. more than 10,000 opponents filled the s
government? >> president bush turned down a request for clemency. president obama has not been asked. the elder lind does not think president obama would grant clemency. john walker lindh grew up in marin county and serving 20 years for supplying his services to the taliban but could be released in 2013. >> your favorite bookstore might be about to close. a dozen borders bookstores are getting ready to close down. borders is filing for bankruptcy. >> this borders bookstore is one of 200 that will close doors after the company announced it must restructure. >> it makes me sad. they just arrived here in alameda. i'm going to be sad to see them go. >> i was disappointed when they came n they drove out a couple of small bookstores in the mall. and in this investigator bay area, two are closing in san francisco. and three in the south bay, and one in santa cruz. the mish-based company says the store that's are closing represent about 30% of the 642 borders nationwide. they employ 18,000 people. and jeff nunberg says boredders didn't look at other venue autos they were late getting into on
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